Felines are lovely, fluffy, independent, and loved by countless internet users. It’s scientifically shown that having a furry feline can benefit human health, so owning one could be a rewarding experience. While most individuals think of felines as independent pets who like to explore and scavenge on their own terms, they can be very affectionate to those they trust.

Have you ever found yourself smiling after watching charming cat videos? Everyone did, and we’re here to inform you that felines can do more than just make you happy. As we get going, we’ll find out more about the advantages of feline ownership.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Cat

The flexibility of feline companionship is one of the reasons why many individuals choose it. Felines can provide the play and fun of big animal pets whether you reside in a small apartment or a big mansion. If you want to get a cat, here are five excellent benefits you can anticipate.

1. Helps you save cash on maintenance

Cats are a much better choice than dogs when you know that vet visits and expensive pet upkeep will be an inconvenience for you. Felines are low-maintenance pets that do not require to be taken outside often. They do not require any formal training and can clean themselves proficiently. However, note that long-haired felines require regular grooming and might take more time before they get groomed again than long-haired dogs.

2. Lowers noise in your room

Felines are the best choice if you want a pet that isn’t as loud as dogs or as noisy as other animals. Even their insistent meowing will be quieter than the most suppressed canine bark. However, you might still need to be concerned about noises such as them running around quickly and knocking things off your surfaces. Cats are generally quieter and more modest than dogs.

3. Reduces the risk of stroke

All pet parents know that caring for any type of pet can be like looking after a child. However, cats are different as they’re low-maintenance. Some sources state that this can contribute to lower chances of stroke for cat owners.

4. Lowers stress levels

You will feel good and somewhat relaxed if you’ve tried stroking and cuddling your furry feline’s fur. Moreover, it can also reduce the body’s cortisol levels, which are stress hormones, and boosts oxytocin, the feel-good love hormone. Petting a feline gives a sense of calm and connection. This connection may aid in alleviating loneliness, a stressor on the body.

5. Keeps your house pest-free

Cats love to hunt rodents. Furthermore, they are natural bug hunters and killers, proficiently offering the level of protection Venus flytraps barely provide. Felines enjoy hunting home pests and bugs like flies, cockroaches, and spiders. The funny thing about cats is that you do not need to order them around to go and catch pests in your home, as you can depend on them to eliminate those like they’re paid for it.

6. Increases happiness and positive emotions

Even if it is only through computer screens, spending time with a furry pal can enhance your mood. In a 2015 survey, countless people described how they feel when seeing a wave of internet cat videos appear in their feeds. According to the results, many people felt better, had more positive emotions, felt more energized, and had lower negative feelings after viewing and looking at feline videos and images.

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